What MÜV’s You?

At MÜV Fitness our dominant thought is RESULTS.

RESULTS for our members, RESULTS for our employees and RESULTS for our community.

All MÜV members receive:

  •  2 sessions with a certified personal trainer
  • 1 free session (reprogram) every month
  • Access to myzone effort tracking
  • MÜV Perks rewards program
  • Full fitness analysis and program design

MÜV It & Lose It

If your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, a fitness challenge is for you. Our 90 day challenges offer a level of accountability, teamwork, and support that no other program can offer. Whether your goal is to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, our MÜV It & Lose It program will help you every step of the way.


Myzone is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market. Using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, the myzone monitor ensures that you get accurate feedback on all of your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train. Achieve your health and fitness goals with motivational support from friends through our MYZONE® social network, and utilize our unique MYZONE® Effort Points (MEPs) system to earn the credit you deserve and REWARD your EFFORT

Group X

MÜV Fitness offers a wide variety of fitness classes including Spin, Yoga, Zumba, P90X, Hip Hop, PIyo, Seniors, Aquatics and much more. With over 300 classes per week, there is always a class to fit your busy schedule. Every Saturday at 10am, all locations offer a free Boot Camp that is open to everyone……member and non-members alike. You do not have to sign up, just show up!

Commitment to Results

At MÜV Fitness, our dominant thought is results. Whether you want to look better, feel better, sleep better, perform better, or just be healthier, every program and amenity we offer is aimed at helping our members remain consistent with their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

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